Pencil Art Derek (Sequence 23-47) – The Swan Princess

Pencil Art Derek (Sequence 23-47)

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Product Description

Original Art: hand-drawn pencil art from the classic film, The Swan Princess. This is Sequence 23 Scene 47, where Derek (while kneeling over an unconscious Odette) shouts "the vow I made was for her".

Pencil art was used in film production, the outlines were Xerox copied onto cellophane paper for painting. Pencil art was also used as a guide for color and position during the painting process.

There are many pencil drawings available in this sequence that have not yet been included in the product photos. 

Please specify in the notes of your order the numerical code on the pencil art you want.

Each piece measures 16 x 10.5"

We are in the process of posting photos of the entire achieve, which includes hundreds of thousands of art pieces. If you don't find what you want send us an email at