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Monthly Swan Princess Giveaway

The Swan Princess® movies are based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the beautiful Princess Odette and the handsome Prince Derek in this animated series of films.

Thank you to all the fans for staying with us and following our new segments! It’s because of wonderful people like you that we’ve made it 26 years after the first film! We hope to bring more fun news to you soon!

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Enter June's Giveaway

Congratulations to Paula, the Winner of May's Giveaway!

Plush Toy Set ($23.00 Value) 

Congratulations to Laura, the winner of April's Giveaway!

5 Pack of Scrunchies ($40.00)

Congratulations to Cheryl, the winner of March's Giveaway!

7 Pack of DVD's ($29.99)

Congratulations to Judean, the winner of February's Giveaway!

Princess Odette Dress ($42.99-$99.99)

Congratulations to Michelle, the winner of January's Giveaway!

Gold Heart Pendant ($39.99)

Congratulations to Samantha, the winner of December's Giveaway!

2021 Calendar ($19.99 Value)

Congratulations to Dorothy, the winner of November's Giveaway!

Princess Mystery Box ($39.99 Value)

Congratulations to Stephanie, the winner of October's Giveaway! 

A Royal Wedding DVD ($19.95 Value)

Congratulations to Robert, the winner of September's Giveaway!

Movies and Music 12-pack ($39.99 Value)

Congratulations to Davina, the winner of August's Giveaway!

Princess Toy Make-Up Kit ($12.99 Value)

Congratulations to Ed, the winner of July's Giveaway!

Swan Princess Kingdom of Music DVD ($20.95 Value)

Congratulations to Elizabeth, the winner of June's Giveaway!

Swan Princess Fabric Mask ($14.99 Value)

Congratulations to Alice, the winner of May's Giveaway!

Vintage Movie Poster ($12.99 Value)

Congratulations to Angela, the winner of April's Giveaway!

Faux Book Journal ($19.99 Value)

Congratulations to Kristina, the winner of March's Giveaway!

Princess Odette Costume ($59.99 Value)

Congratulations to Paul, the winner of February's Giveaway!

Swan Princess Castle and Doll Toy ($49.99 Value)

Congratulations to Claire, the Winner of January's Giveaway!

Swan Princess Blu-Ray ($22.99 Value)

Congratulations to Billy, the Winner of December's Giveaway!

Musical Swan Plush Toy ($6.99 Value)

Congratulations to Clare, the Winner of November's Giveaway!

Silver Commemorative Coin ($49.99 Value)

Congratulations to Anniah, the Winner of October's Giveaway!

Princess Odette Costume ($117.00 Value) 

Congratulations to Rachael, the Winner of September's Giveaway!

Plush Toy Set ($23.00 Value) 

Congratulations to Robert, the Winner of August's Giveaway!

The Gold Heart Locket ($27.00 Value)

Congratulations to, Lacy, the Winner of July's Giveaway!

Speed the Turtle Giant Plush Toy ($100 value)

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