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Swan Princess Live-Action Concept

It is a dream of ours, at The Swan Princess, to make a live-action version of the 1994 animated fairy tale classic.

This is our first live-action concept trailer being used to find the right studio to create it our film!

We put together this side-by-side video with the animation to show the inspiration for the trailer.

Wee had a lot of fun making this live-action trailer. Check out some of the behind the scenes footage.

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Prince Derek played by James Gaisford

Princess Odette played by London Kress

Produced by Swan Princess Partners LLC. Laura Young and Seldon O Young

Directed by Colton Tran

Cinematography by Michael Greenwood

Visual Effects by Ian Johnston and Oliver Grotenrath

Music by Mike Bishop

Makeup by Christel Edwards

Hair styling by Stefanie Tyler

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